Planning and Zoning Commission Agenda

Council Chambers, 6:00 PM

April 4, 2017


Mark Monson

Anthony Lamb


Garry Clark


Chad Kehrt


Diane Gibson


Glenda Moriarty


Kevin McGregor


Shawn Streck












1.              Chairperson/Vice-Chairperson to call meeting to order:


2.              Roll Call:

                            Roll Call


3.              Approval of the minutes:

1.               Approve minutes of March 7, 2017 Regular Meeting


2.              Approve the March 07, 2017 Regular Meeting


4.              Public Hearing - Proposed Zoning Ordinance Definition (Old Town):

1.               Open Public Hearing


2.               Close Public Hearing



5.              Commission Members - Discussion of Proposed Amendment:

1.               Roll Call Vote: Commission's Recommendaiton to City Council



6.              Discussion and Action Items:

1.               Review Conditional Use Process


2.               Discussion regarding splitting lot with a house and a separate garage in Old Town



7.              Comments and updates by the Chairperson/Vice-Chairperson:


8.              Comments and updates by City Staff members:


9.              Community Development Corporation Update:


10.              Set date for the next Planning & Zoning Commission meeting:


11.              Adjourn:


12.              Discussion/Action Items:

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